Partial Deafness is a type of hearing loss, in which the patient has significantly distorted perception of treble while normal or limited perception of bass. This interferes extensively functioning in society. Reasons for partial deafness are not fully understood. Realization consists of the song, which sounds are separated on high and low tones and are recorded on two separate media. The project should be presented in a long corridor. On its two far ends half of the song is played. Depending on where the viewer is standing, such a part of the sounds will be heard. The closer to the center, the work is more complete. An important suggestion is that the power of music player on the left side of the corridor was pulled from the wall on the right of the hall, and analogously with the right side. The ideal arrangement is that the cables crossed in the space, as is presented in Parallaxy scheme (X). Project co-created with Fumu.